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Coming Soon in 2024


Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Hollywood, CA.

Tap In The Musical

I am currently directing a brand new musical called TAP IN . It’s a “rags to riches story of the soul”. What happens when a son cannot follow in the footsteps of his ambitious and successful father.

Time & Location

Coming Soon in 2024

Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Hollywood, CA.

About the event

In this journey, a young man sees himself , others and the world as never before, as he moves from spiritual rags to spiritual riches when he reconnects with his inner child.

We are doing a stage reading on “steroids” of TAP IN on April, 15 2023. What that means, is we will run the play but the actors will have their scripts in their hands, reading their lines. I call it a staged reading on steroids, because the actors, will be reading their scripts while walking , singing and dancing. This is not open to the public, but it is opportunity to show the production team my concept for the show.

In July 2023, we are going to do another staged reading on even more steroids as we will be,  adding more technical elements. Each actor will be mic’d. There will be costume changes. There will be choreography.  There will be live music and video projections.  This also is not open to the public.

We are planning on doing a full run of the show in December 2023 at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Hollywood.

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